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About Accent Info Media

Accent Info Media is a new age ICT Business media house that creates a bridge between the customers, partners, and vendors of the ICT domain. We create awareness about the strengths of each stakeholder of the ecosystem. This includes analysing customer opportunity, vendor opportunity and partner opportunity. We write and speak about the new technologies, practices and trends of the vendors, partners and the industry. At the same time, we also write about the customers investment plans and programmes.

With two decades of proven success and experience, we help maximize the value of our customer’s assets through our knowledgeable workforce and provide a one-stop diversified global service for high-value business matching publications, quality market news and trends. All our specialized products are designed to bridge the needs of vendors, partners and the customers. We offer print and digital media, live and virtual events, newsletter, video and audio channels, and social media channels.

Our specialized industry publications influence and advice the channel partners including the IT vendors, distributors, resellers, consultants, SIs, service providers, VADs, etc. to successfully address the enterprise, sme market needs in South Asia, Middle East & Africa region. The publications talk about the emerging trends of the market, which are shifting from CAPEX to OPEX. We advise partners through global case studies and white papers to aggressively adopt Datacentre, Cloud Computing, SaaS, AI ML, Gen AI, BI, Automation, AR VR, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, IOT, etc.

We do not stop here; we also organize events and brings thought leaders to deliberate and share views. We recognize and awards the performers of the IT industry, CIO, CISOs, CMOs. Our culture of collaboration brings people together around common interests with depth of understanding and real industry know-how to create value, enhancing our ability to do the same for customers.

What Do We Do?

We operate in four main business segments: B2B publications, events, newswire and video channel. These business segment cover contents around the emerging technologies including Datacentre, Cloud Computing, SaaS, AI ML, Gen AI, BI, Automation, AR VR, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, IOT, etc.

Who Are Our Customers?

We provide products and services to partner ecosystem, vendors, the private, government and PSU sector. It is through our in-depth domain knowledge in the domain of ICT we serve our customers most effectively.

Where Do We Operate?

We operate in two geographies including India and Middle East & Africa. However, our coverage is global wherein we cater to subscribers and audience in North America, Europe, MEA and APAC.  


We have print and digital presence through three publications as following:

  • SME Channels – The leading IT Channel publication in India
  • Enterprise IT World – The leading CIO publication
  • Enterprise IT World MEA – The leading CXO publication in Middle East and Africa
  • Channel 360 – The leading IT Channel publication in Middle East and Africa

Daily Newswire

Our daily newswire service reaches to the more than 1 lac subscribers in the domain of ICT. The subscribers include CXOs, Partners senior management, decision makers, public relation professionals, corporate communications executives, investor, distributing partners, etc. The newsletter is sent three times a week with important global news in the ICT domain.


We do different tailor-made industry events for our clients and business partners. We also do award show, industry conference for big enterprises, Govt and PSUs in different locations including India and MEA. Most important events including SME Channels Accelerator Awards, SME Channels MSP Event, Enterprise IT World CIO 500, Enterprise IT World DC Summit, Multi City CIO Connect, Enterprise IT World MEA Achievers Awards MEA, etc.


We organize webinars and special custom-made virtual events for our clients and in various emerging technologies for the better understanding creating thought leadership.

Video Channels

We have Video channels including, and These YouTube channels cover physical and virtual events and discussions happening in various global and domestic locations and also facilitate content for the entire ecosystem in the ICT domain.