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Altaf Halde

Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab South Asia

I saw your email as soon as I landed in Cochin today morning and it was a great morale booster for me to read the coverage / story you have done in the latest issue. Your coverage will be a mindset changing step for us in the partner community. Thanks once again for the excellent coverage to me & to Kaspersky! We look forward to your continued support to us!”

Sudhir S

Managing Director, Inspan Infotech

“I saw SMEChannels and and your encouraging words on Inspan. We feel good when somebody observes and recognizes our sincere efforts in supporting our stake holders be it vendors, partners or customers. I must place on records our thanks to you and your team.”

Tasneem Sangani

Manager – PR and Corporate Communications, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“We at Cyberoam, heartily congratulate SME Channels for creating a strong brand presence amongst the right TG which has enabled brands like us to reach out to them, and garner maximum eyeballs. With strong editorial content the publication is one to look out for. Though being in its first trimester, Enterprise Channels has made its presence felt, and am sure in the coming months it will be a force to reckon with. Cyberoam is proud to associate with both the brands. Kudos to the entire team of SME and Enterprise Channels.”

Cdr. Subhash Dutta(Retd)

Head- R&D and Malware Research, Sequretek IT

, “I did attend your last event in Bangalore and I would say there is a distinct difference in the level of discussions, probably because of the environment, the audience that you have got, more importantly, the panelist compared to Bangalore, which is not a fairly robust area for IT Industry. This is absolutely a great platform, because one thing which has been brought up very clearly is the lack of communication between the CISOs. All the CISOs are battling with the same enemy but everyone is fighting his/her own battle, whereas if we pool the knowledge and intelligence available with everybody, the battle becomes easier. Platforms like these are the ideal opportunities for this kind of knowledge sharing or this kind of information sharing”

Rishikesh Kamath

Vice President Product Management, Netmagic IT Services

“I think it’s a great event. It’s been great to have dignitaries like Dr. Sanjay Bahl and Dr. Triveni singh, it has been absolutely great to hear them, hear their views. I think one of the best things from the event is we actually got to learn a lot from the ground. We as service providers come with our own perspective and customers come with their own perspective, this event gave a great platform to be able to connect these two perspectives and identify and speak with customers, speak with other service providers and OEMs and figure out how the whole story is really developing”.

Sandeep Panda

CEO, Co-founder, InstaSafe

“I think today’s event has been very interesting. It was very interesting to listen to the law enforcement. The biggest challenge of cyber security is its secrecy, people do not want to share and, of course, nobody wants to wash their dirty linen in public. In such closed forums which are highly engaging, it’s very important for practitioners, who are audiences of this event, to listen to real life scenarios, listen to how a day in the life of the law enforcement, police, is and if we all collaborate together as technology builders, as practitioners, as law enforcement, as people who build the law and the government, I think the world would be a much safer place. Hats Off to Enterprise IT World for giving a great platform for doing this.”

Ankur Agarwal

Associate Director- Security Architecture & Design, BT’S Global Services

, “I would say the event was really nice. All such events give you the opportunity to meet up with your fellow colleagues in the industry and get to hear from the experts. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Triveni’s session, it’s very difficult to get to his side of the perceptive view around what’s happening at the government level and what the ground reality is, especially at the Indian context.”

Ravinder Arora

Head Of Information Security, IRIS Software Inc

“I must say a very well managed event and being a 4 city event, it’s commendable how well Enterprise IT World put everything together so well. I met with so many friends from the industry. I attended most of the sessions, I think they were very informative, especially the last one on the Legal side of cyber security by Neeraj Arora, it was a very good session. I think it’s a very great event that you guys have done. I must congratulate Enterprise IT World team for this.”

Navdeep Singh Ahluwalia

Head Network & Information Security, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd

“It’s an awesome event and it’s a very good initiative taken by Enterprise IT to honour the people who are working in IT field, earlier, if you go back 10 years ago, these events were not there, even if there were, they were very less.”

Col.Indrajeet Singh

Chief Cyber Security Officer, VARA United

“I’d say it’s a wonderful idea from Enterprise IT World. You are connecting all the CISOs and CIOs onto a single platform and making them talk, in the language in which they are comfortable. Unlike any other event that has a huge gathering but the focus may be missing, here I found the people to be quite galvanized throughout the day, to listen to the panelist or the CISOs, who were on the dias to tell us about their experience. Something else which I found to be very interesting was free flow talk, which is a very new pattern, it was very different as it was more on a Ted Talk parameters, rather than conventional styles and power-point show. That is why it gave a lot of impact. People were able to connect to the speakers and could correlate with the examples which they were quoting. Rather than being a theoretical, bookish kind of talk, people can actually implement things that were talked about, in their day to day routine. Even though they are all very qualified, when you have this kind of platform, it gives a lot of impetus for learning. Like I always say we’re all learners, that’s what this platform is giving, the learning platform. I was very happy to find a very diverse audience, all glued to the speakers when they’re talking.”

Samir Jhaveri

MD, XcellHost Cloud Services Pvt Ltd

“First of all, I would like to thank SME Channels and Enterprise IT World for getting such a focused gathering of CISOs, cloud decision makers and amazing speakers from such diverse platforms. It was not only a vendor specific event but you also got people from the police department; there were lawyers, industry experts, CISOs from large corporate etc. It has been a great opportunity for us also as, XcellHost, to showcase our capabilities and to get on the radar of all the CISOs. Enterprise IT World has done a great job and I think you should repeat the same success in other smaller cities beyond the metros. I think you guys and InfoSec foundation have done an amazing job in creating awareness and you packed so much information in one day with such wonderful speakers, it was really diverse and interesting. Really appreciate it,”

Prof. Triveni Singh

IPS, Additional Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime, STF,UP Police

“It’s a great platform to create awareness. Everyone is sharing their expertise and their skills, a lot of CISOs and companies can provide solutions because of exchange of ideas. In today’s times, common man needs to focus on the cyber security fundamentals, basics of cyber hygiene, for the same awareness needs to be created through symposiums, through seminars, by talking face to face. Enterprise IT’s security symposium is working towards that awareness.”

Prantap Rathi

VP Business Development, APAC, Seceon

“It was a great event, thank you Enterprise IT for the amazing experience and I hope to see you guys again”

Ajay Agarwal

Business Head, VARA Technologies

“The event has been an excellent program and the format has also been excellent, in terms of reaching out to the community, getting people who are experts and the panelists to talk about the best industry practices. They are also looking at moving into multiple cities, which essentially gets everybody ready for this upcoming industry and it has a lot of potential.”


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