Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe in 3P business sustainability … People, Planet and Profit. Corporate Social Responsibility is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into business decision-making, and it supports the concept of sustainability:

Accent Info Media demonstrates its commitment to its immediate community through initiatives such as blood donation camp, breast cancer awareness campaigns, fund raising through many corporate event (Corporate Cricket tournament), employing people with special needs and setting up programs and sponsorships in support of good causes. We are associated with many leading NGO like UNICEF, WE4YOU etc.

Through being good corporate citizens, we attract investors, partners, customers and employees. We attract customers by supporting their objectives and helping them to increase market share. We can help them to provide affordable energy with lower environmental and social impacts through the products and services we provide and the behavior of our employees.

We aim to do business in a consistent, responsible and appropriate manner. We work closely with venues, suppliers and contractors to encourage sustainability and environmentally responsible activities. Through regular communication we ensure that our partners meet the same high standards that we set ourselves, including adherence to local laws and best practice. Sustainability is a key part of our procurement process and make sure we always use eco-friendly products and material as the first choice.