Accent Info Media, is a leading Media house, specialized in IT and Telecom events-led marketing and communications services.

With two decades of proven success and experience, we help maximize the value of our customer’s assets through our knowledgeable workforce and provide a one-stop diversified global service for high-value business matching publications, quality market news and online trading networks.We treat each client as our business partner and help. making connections, communicate their propositions and do business effectively. All our specialized products are designed to bridge the needs of buyers and sellers at our live events, through digital media or our publications.

Our specialized industry publications influence and advice the channel partners including the IT Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, Consultants, SIs, Service Providers, VADs, etc. to successfully address the enterprise,SME market needs in South Asia, Middle East & Africa region. The publications talk about the emerging trends of the market, which are shifting from CAPEX to OPEX. We advise partners through global case studies and white papers to aggressively adopt cloud computing, XAAS, virtualization, BYOD, enterprise mobility and communications, etc.

The publication house does not stop here. It also organizes events and brings thought leaders to deliberate and share views. It also recognizes and awards the performers of the IT (SME) industry through its event called SME Channels Connect Awards, which is a sought after event in India for the channel partners. It also organizes SME Connect event, which is the only event for the SMEs. With addition of Enterprise Channels, there will be events around IT from the large enterprises’ perspective in coming times.

Our culture of innovation and collaboration brings our people together around common interests with unusual depth of understanding and real industry know-how to create value, enhancing our ability to do exactly the same for customers. So, whatever their business segment and wherever they operate, they do better business through us.

What do we do ?

Accent Info Media, operates in three main business segments: B2B specialized publication, Events, Newswire.Find out more about Accent Info Media’s businesses.

Who are our customers ?

Accent Info Media provides products and services to specialist IT professional and commercial communities. It is through our intimate knowledge in IT & Telecom industry that we can serve our customers most effectively.

Where do we operate ?

Accent Info Media has offices in different major cities in the South Asia, Middle East & Africa; the map below illustrates locations of offices where we have our staff or our associates to
deliver our product and services to right business communities. Find out more about our Contact details.